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1.1 Unlawful actions include, but are not limited to, distribution of viruses or other harmful components, drugs, attempting to gain unauthorized access to computer systems, piracy (distribution of protected copyrighted material in violation of copyright), gambling, fraud schemes, distribution of unsolicited advertising and spam information, use of incorrect or non-existent return address in e-mail, as well as any inappropriate actions that might lead to a breach of the rights of third parties. Inappropriate actions shall be understood to mean distribution of personal information about a person without his/her consent, violation of intellectual property rights, libel on the natural or legal person or any other actions violating the current legislation of Ukraine.

1.2 The Contractor may refuse to provide services to the Customer in case when the Customer's website produces a significant load on the server, thereby causing damage to other websites on the server.

1.3 Pornography, any sex-related and crack/hack materials shall be prohibited to be displayed.

1.4 It shall be prohibited to use hosting for torrent trackers, free/paid email service with organization of interface of mailbox registration directly on the site.

1.5 It shall be prohibited to install software that originates external connections, such as IRC or proxy servers;

1.6 It shall be prohibited to take actions aimed at functioning failure of the Internet network elements (computers, other hardware or software), attempting to gain unauthorized access to the resources of the Internet and future use of such access, as well as the destruction or modification of software and data, not belonging to the user, without the consent of the owner of this software or data or the administrator of this resource.

1.7 It shall be prohibited to take actions on transferring to computers or equipment of third parties senseless or useless information, creating unnecessary (parasite) load on these computers or equipment, as well as on the intermediate network sections, in extent exceeding the necessary minimum for verification of connectivity of networks and accessibility of its separate elements.

1.8 It shall be prohibited to take actions on network node's scanning to identify internal structure of networks, security vulnerabilities, lists of open ports, etc, without the explicit consent of the owner of the resource.

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